Rapid tests for coronavirus by wholesale

The rapid test for the Covid-19 antigen allows you to get a result in the office and at the enterprise in 10-15 minutes, comparable in accuracy to PCR screen.

Worldwide delivery. Manufacturer Russia, Skolkovo.

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Rapid Test Kits

Rapid Bio экспресс-тест на антиген к коронавирусу

Antigen test


  • Test cassette - 1 pce.
  • Bottle of solution - 1 pce.
  • Test tube with dropper nozzle - 1 pce.
  • Swab - 1 pce.
  • Instruction manual - 1 pce.


Rapid Bio экспресс-тест на антиген к коронавирусу

Antigen test


  • Test cassette - 20 pcs.
  • Bottle of solution 10 ml - 1 pce.
  • Test tube with dropper nozzle - 20 pcs.
  • Swab - 20 pcs.
  • Instruction manual - 1 pce.



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  • В страны СНГ
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Типы доставок

  • До офиса "Склад-Дверь"
  • До пунктов выдачи заказов (ПВЗ)
  • До транспортной компании

Курьерские службы и транспортные компании

  • СДЭК (без термо-режима)
  • DPD (термо-режим + заказ пропусков)
  • Курьер Сервис Экспресс (авиа доставка)
  • Яндекс.Такси (срочная доставка день в день по Москве и обл.)
  • Доставка до вашей транспортной компании с оформлением!
  • Пони Экспресс, Деловые Линии, Аэрогруз и другие...

Video review of express tests

Тест на антитела
«Экспресс-IgG/IgM SARS-CoV-2-ИХА»

Тест на антиген
«Экспресс-антиген SARS-CoV-2-ИХА»

Тест на вакцину
«Экспресс-ВАК SARS-CoV-2-ИХА»

Clinical sensitivity and specificity

Clinical sensitivity and specificity are statistical indicators of a diagnostic test for identifying infected patients and healthy individuals.
The sensitivity of 97%* of the diagnostic test indicates the probability that the patient will be classified as a patient.
The specificity of 100%* reflects the probability that non-sick persons will be classified as non-sick.

Thus, the rapid test shows a high level of reliability of the result.

* to confirm the diagnostic characteristics, a clinical study of 150 biological samples taken from the human nasopharyngeal mucosa was conducted.

About the new test system

New rapid and accurate rapid tests for the diagnosis of coronavirus infection by immunochromatographic screen determine the presence or absence of infection within 8-15 minutes. The kit is designed for high-quality detection of coronavirus antigen in biological material-smears from the nasopharynx.

The test system is approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

To conduct the study, you do not need a diagnostic center, a laboratory, special equipment, as well as the search and purchase of additional components.
Everything you need for an individual test is included in the kit.

Advantages Antigen Testing Systems

Detection of the virus from the first day!

Shows the presence of the virus already on the first day of the disease

97% Accuracy

High-precision and in-demand test systems. Clinically proven accuracy is not inferior to the laboratory method of PCR.

Result in 10-15 minutes

There is no need to wait a long time for the study results in the laboratories.


Only you will know about the results of the express test.

PCR analog

The antigen test is an analog of PCR. No blood collection, special equipment, or laboratory required.

Low cost

Similar sets of rapid tests are 1.5-2 times more expensive.

Rapid Bio Reagent Kit

A set of reagents for immunochromatographic detection of antigen to coronavirus is designed for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen in human biological material (nasopharyngeal swab).

The test is used in the early stages (from the 1st day of the onset of symptoms) and in the midst of the infectious process to determine the antigen when the presence of the virus in the body is suspected and confirmed in patients with clinical symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

What is the difference between ANTIGEN tests and ANTIBODY tests?

Antigen tests, unlike antibody tests, detect the protein structures of the virus itself, which allows you to determine the presence of infection at the earliest stages. The early stage is considered to be the first day of the disease, when the symptoms of ARVI are not yet significant.

Thanks to the use of technology applied by Russian scientists, it was possible to achieve high accuracy at the level of 97-100%.

Rapid test systems for the Covid 19 antigen allow you to:

• get results in the office or in the company that are comparable in accuracy to PCR screen performed in the laboratory.
• get the result in 10-15 minutes. In order to pass a PCR screen in the laboratory and get the result, you need to wait 1-2 days or more.

Your employees can make an express test for the antigen on their own and get the result in 10-15 minutes..

User's manual


Insert a sterile swab into the nostril to the back of the nasopharynx


Make a smear


Remove the sterile swab from the nasal cavity


Insert the swab into the extraction tube. While squeezing the test tube, scroll the swab more than 5 times


Remove the swab by squeezing the sides of the test tube to extract the liquid


Press the cap firmly against the test tube


Apply 3 drops of the extracted liquid to the test device


Find out the test result in 10-15 minutes. Do not count the test results after 15 minutes. They may be incorrect.

Interpretation of results

1. A colored bar will appear at the top of the results display, indicating that the test is working correctly. (Control line «C»).

2. A colored bar appears at the bottom of the results display. This line shows the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 antigen (Test Line «T»).

3. Even if the control line is weak or the test line is not homogenous, the test is considered to have been performed properly. And its result is interpreted as positive.

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Registration certificate

Medical device registration number: РЗН 2020/12901.

Date of the medical device state registration: the 11th of December 2020

Valid until: the 1st of January 2022

Medical Device Manufacturer: “Rapid Bio” LLC (Russia)

The goods are sold on the basis of:

Registration certificate of Russian Food and Drug Administration (Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare)


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